Tyre repairs

angry flat tyre

Popped, punctured, flat, burst! Whatever you call them they can be very annoying and inconvenient!

But don’t despair, tyrZ can help. We repair dozens of tyres of all types every day, keeping motorists, hauliers and farmers moving.

Tyre repair areas

To repair a tyre is a specialised job and all of our technicians have been trained to the highest standard.

The first job is to locate the the penetration, if there is one. The image above shows, in blue, the area that we are allowed to repair. The red area shows the area that a ‘major’ repair would be required. Our staff will explain which sort of repair your tyre needs on examination.

Safe tyre repairs

Run flat tyres, such as those used on some BMW’s, are a bone of contention when it comes to repairs. Advice from vehicle and tyre manufacturers is always changing so it is best to ask what the current situation is if you have a problem with one of these types of tyre.

The most important thing we always consider when repairing any tyre, be it a car, van, tractor or lorry, is safety. If there is ever any doubt the we will not repair it!

It may be that you don’t have a punctured tyre, it may be that your wheel is corroded and the seal between the rim and tyre is leaking. We can sort this as well by cleaning the rim and resealing the tyre.

Whatever your problem call tyrZ for a safe and professional solution.