Are You Legal?

Nobody ‘wants’ to buy a tyre!

We at tyrZ realise that you don’t wake up in the morning and announce to the world that “today I shall buy some tyres!” We appreciate that when you are asking for tyres in our garage (even with it’s free coffee machine) that you don’t ‘want’ to be there. That’s why we try and make the experience as pleasant and painless as possible. You won’t be blinded with jargon, or confused with expensive ‘add-on costs’. But will leave safe in the knowledge that you have only purchased what you need and, that your vehicle is safe, and legal!


Policeman checking tyres

We can help avoid a run in with him!

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 Keep the right side of the law

There are several aspects to the law regarding tyre condition. The three main areas are:

  • Tyre pressure, this should be maintained at the vehicle manufacturers recommended pressure. At tyrZ we offer a FREE tyre pressure check on all tyres including the spare, if you have one.
  • Tyre condition, the tyre must be ‘fit for purpose’ in that it is suitable for the vehicle it is fitted to and compatible with the rest of the tyres on the vehicle. That there are no cuts, lumps or bulges caused by a separation of the tyre. At tyrZ we offer a FREE visual tyre condition check on all your tyres.
  • Tyre tread, for passenger vehicles up to 3500 kg gross weight there should be a minimum of 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the central ¾ of the tread area and around the entire circumference. At tyrZ we offer a FREE tyre inspection and will give you an honest opinion.


When checking your tyres you need to be aware of the very inside edges which are not easily visible. It can help, for the front wheels, to turn the steering on to full lock. For the rears you will need to get low down to give them a thorough visual check.


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It is vitally important to thoroughly check ‘all’ of your tyre as this BMW driver discovered just after it deflated on him! This can mean getting down on your knees and looking right underneath your vehicle. If you want to avoid dirty and grazed knees just call tyrZ: 01625 560560

Illegal tyre badly misaligned

A thorough inspection is really important.

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Intesa. Sappiamo anche che ora che la frittata è fatta non bisogna aggravarne le conseguenze. Dobbiamo trovare una soluzione. Ed una soluzione c’è. Non lo sosteniamo solo noi, che pure l’abbiamo proposto per prima dentro e fuori le aule parlamentari, ma ora anche un nutrito gruppo di professionisti e professori universitari che prima sulle pagine del Sole 24 Ore e ieri su quelle del Corriere della Sera hanno addirittura pubblicato una lettera da loro sottoscritta (primo firmatario il prof. Piero Schlesinger dell’Università Cattolica di Milano) in cui affermano che : “avviare dei licenziamenti o comunque mettere in moto delle procedure di liquidazione aziendale per il solo fatto che non si perfezioni l’accordo con l’unico acquirente consultato (CAI) senza che si sia proceduto ad una ricerca di acquirenti alternativi, anche se stranieri, in regime concorrenziale, costituirebbe un fatto molto grave.”. Tradotto
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